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A website is a place where we can broadcast information about our organisation to the general public. It can help us to increase the awareness of our organisation, products and services to the general public. Website can be used to pass information to our customers, investor and to our employees. With these instructions, we should be able to quickly and easily create a organised website. We @ Divine Digital Company help in Planning Before you can complete any of the other steps, you must have a good idea of what your website will be like.

At first we Consider the following questions carefully before beginning the other web design steps:

What are the goals for your website?
What is the main topic of the website?
Why do you want to make a website?
What do you want your audience to do in response to the website?

We @ Divine Digital Company always keep in mind, the design and content of your website should reflect your answers to the above questions. We @ Divine Digital Company also cover Another important aspect of website planning is ongoing maintenance. We @ Divine Digital Company try to keep the information up‐to‐date by changing the content frequently.

In order to implement a website, we must:

1) Acquire a domain name.
2) Secure a web server to host your site.
3) Secure software to build website.
4) Design and build the website.
5)Track website use.

Domain Name:

Acquire a Domain Name, a domain name is the “easy to remember nickname” for the Website. A website is an Internet server where you can upload the contents related to your Product or company. It is also a part of the website address that people will use to reach to your website.

Following are the guidelines to choose a domain name appropriately. You should aim to make your website easy to find for visitors by making sure your domain name contains following details as below:

1. Short
2. Descriptive
3. Easy to remember ‐ domain names should be as similar as to the organisation name as possible
4. Hyphen‐free
5. Number‐free
6. Meaningful
7. Unique
8. Utilise keywords

The ideal situation is that the organisations should have its own

  domain name for several reasons:


1) People will be able to easily remember your domain name. They will simply type in your organisation name and add an extension to reach your website.
2) This domain name will not be trademarked by another organisation. Since your organisation name is owned by your organisation, you will have the rights to the domain name. If your website does use trademarked phrases or words, you could easily be sued by the company that owns that phrase.
Following are the examples of Domain Names:

Registering Your Domain Name

After deciding on your desired domain name, the name must be registered with the ICANN organisation. we have to get it registered through a domain name registrar. and then we have to select the suitable plan according to our convenience and pay the registrar for the use of the domain name on annual basis. Popular registrars include and If you have your website hosted, then that hosting organisation may be able to register your domain name, too. Use the domain extension appropriate for your organisation. Common extensions are listed below.

1. org – used for nonprofits and other types of organisations

2. com – most common
3. net – commonly used by internet service providers, web hosts, or other businesses involved in internet infrastructure; also, often used by businesses for their intranet websites.

Web Hosting Services:

Securing a Web Server to Host Your Website, you must secure space on a server where the files of your website will be accessible on the Internet. This server is referred to as a web host. There are two options for hosting: you can either host your own website or you can buy space from an online web hosting service Known as shared hosting.

Hosting Own Website:

This option makes it easier for the owner to update his website since he has immediate access. He can also avoid paying fees to web hosting services.
However, the drawbacks include: ‐
• Lots of expenses – As the owner would have to maintain powerful server hardware with a permanent 24 hour high speed connection.
• Server license – The owner would have to pay for an expensive server license.
• Labor expenses – The would need someone to install and maintain the hardware and software for his server. It can get very costly to deal with bugs, viruses, network and other issues that could affect the server’s performance.

On the other hand

Using a Hosting Service:

It is most common practice to let an Internet Service Provider to host your site for a monthly or yearly fee. The owner can have faster connection speeds because an Internet Service Provider will have more powerful hardware. Also, the website will be more secure and stable with an online hosting service. Typically, you will find domain name registration in a hosting site. Examples of hosting services are:, htps:// and they have inbuilt Secure Software to support Designing Your Website.

Programming Language:

The next step is to select the proper programming language to develop our website. We need to install this software that allows you to write your own website code or automatically generate the code you need to create your website. You can either use HTML coding, PHP Coding, WordPress Etc a web development software package, or a content management system. Coding like HTML can be used to built Web pages and the pages built using this language called HTML. this uses deep coding language and techniques. We have specialised team of people they can use HTML, with this option, you can completely customise your website to your exact Design specifications. We @ Divine Digital Company are well capable to handle such sites in developing and also we help to provide regular maintenance of the site.

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