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Google in today’s world has acquired a very importance part in everyone’s life. It has adopted an integral part of the online system. Anyone who uses internet services are surely to use google 50% of the time they come online. It has taken such a part in our life that everybody is dependent on Google for one or other searches. If we want to find anything we go to Google. If we want any solution to a problem, we go to google. To make us educate for any of the problems in life google plays a very important role. It has helped us to find diversified solutions to the problems. If we have to get knowledge about the product, we search on google. If we want to travel anywhere again we search on google. If we want to know the nutritional value of a food, we search it on Google. If we want to search a place, we depend on Google for the location. If we want to read any book, we go to Google to browse the contents of the book. If we want to choose a profession in life, we go to google for its merits and demerits.  In short, in all our activity Google has made a made a very important place in each and every individuals life. Even it plays a very important role by the trust it has gained from its activity. We all trust the brand as we are all aware that the content in Google is 90%-99% accurate. This accuracy has helped Google to win over the trust of the people in so many years of its service. So we all believe that if this content or product is promoted in google means it is 100% reliable.

Let’s understand Facebook Ads

In order to provide a better platform for the business promoters to professionally promote their product or business, Google has launched a online advertising program and named under the banner of “Google AdWords”. Google AdWords is an online advertising program. The program allows to create our online ads, so that this Adds can reach maximum number of audiences that are interested in the products and services you offer.

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